Support the Causes

All our guests couldn’t have made it without the help of their caring supporters, like you. If you felt particularly connected with a cause or just liked their featured episode then give them some love and support! Below is a list of all the organizations our guests are involved with that you can help contribute to with a nice donation of time or money.

Animal Welfare

Austin Pets Alive! (Ep. 16) – Part animal shelter, part advocacy group, Austin Pets Alive! is all about making sure every dog and cat has a wonderful life. Since its inception, APA has been all about protecting the lives of the many pets in Austin. Through their efforts Austin, TX has become the number one no kill city in America. They also have their own adoption center you can check out and adopt a furry companion into your family!

RuffTail Runners (Ep. 14) – Love dogs? Love Running? Looking for a new workout buddy? Then the RuffTail Runners are for you! Partnering with Austin Pets Alive! the RuffTail Runners are all about getting sheltered dogs the exercise they need. With RTR you make your own hours, so there’s no pressure in commitment. You can find their next training session on their MeetUp group.

Love-A-Bull (Ep. 24) – Pit bulls are the most misunderstood dogs, and Love-A-Bull is on a mission to change that. Since 2003 Love-A-Bull has been educating the public that pit bulls are just a loveable as a labrador or a poodle. They provide services from advocating for apartments to allow pit bull ownership, therapy visits for people in need of a little animal love, and free training for all members!

Emancipet (Ep. 37) – Providing low cost spay and neutering throughout Texas, and Philadelphia, Emancipet has taken the financial stress out of veterinary care. Thanks to their efforts Emancipet has given pets and pet owners a peace of mind, and increased the overall well being of cats and dogs everywhere.


Arts & Culture

Honk!TX (Ep. 12) – Austin’s annual party on the streets. Honk!TX is the local chapter of the nation wide Honk! Fest, an organization dedicated to bringing the fun of events like Mardi Gras and Carnival straight to the streets of cities that normally do not see those kinds of concerts. You can get involved here!

Austin Creative Reuse (Ep. 19) – Making treasure out of trash. Austin Creative Reuse provides artists the supplies they need through donations of old goods, from desks to paintbrushes. Austin Creative Reuse is the Good Will for local artist all across Austin.

HOPE Outdoor Gallery (Ep. 23) – The most unique art exhibit if all of Texas, the HOPE Outdoor Gallery is an ever changing art project showcasing all the local street artists of Austin. If you have a can of spray paint and an idea, the gallery is an open campus for you to make your idea a reality!

Tapestry Dance Company (Ep. 27) – Austin’s premiere tap dancing studio. More than just a form of dance, tap dancing incorporates elements of percussion into the routine as each step you take can play a different note. Tapestry offers lessons in tap dancing and shows anyone is welcome to come to. They even have a documentary that you can watch on YouTube for free here.

Austin Theatre Alliance (Ep. 41) – The curators of Austin’s legendary Paramount and Stateside Theatres. The Austin Theatre Alliance has been at the forefront of the performing arts, hosting over 300 shows annually. The Austin Theatre Alliance is responsible for events ranging from the Moontower Comedy Fest, to the SXSW Film Fest, and hundreds of different acts ranging from music to storytelling and even live podcasts.

[Houma] Bayou Beer Fest (Ep. 2) – Which Craft? might have brought the craft beer culture to Houma, but the Bayou Beer Fest brought the craft breweries to Houma. Every year Joel and his buddies of the Bayou Beer Society get together the best craft breweries in all of Louisiana and beyond and celebrate the love of beer by donating all proceeds to various veterans nonprofits. You can become a sponsor here.

[Houma] The Cajun Music Preservation Society (Ep. 6) – Cajun music is as essential to the culture of Louisiana as much as jambalaya and crawfish boils. The Cajun Music Preservation Society is an award winning nonprofit dedicated to keeping the cajun country cajun. Through live performances that invite anyone to participate to music education, the Society is helping preserve one of the most unique traditions of Louisiana culture in the modern era. Donate directly here.


Austin Parks Foundation (Ep. 28) – Austin wouldn’t be Austin without all the beautiful parks. The Austin Parks Foundation are the people keeping the parks beautiful, from volunteer work days to special events like Movies in the Park and Fitness in the Park. You can donate directly to the Austin Parks Foundation right here.

TreeFolks (Ep. 33) – Since 1988 TreeFolks has been maintaining and restoring the Central Texas tree population. Their efforts has kept Austin green, clean and beautiful. If you’re a property owner looking to spruce up your yard, check out their free tree program: Neighborwoods.

Austin Astronomical Society (Ep. 26) – Come explore the cosmos with the folks in Austin who know it best. The Austin Astronomical Society has been Austin’s premier resource for star parties, astronomy lectures, and plain old wonder from gazing up at the stars. Find upcoming events here.

[Houma] The South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center (Ep. 1) – Louisiana is losing it’s wetlands at an alarming rate. Coastal rising is affecting the environmental stability and costing thousands of people their homes every year. The Wetlands Discovery Center’s mission is dedicated to educating the youth of today on preventative measures, and protecting the areas prone to a high risk of damage. You can donate directly towards the cause here.

Health & Fitness

The Yellow Bike Project (Ep. 15) – Promoting affordable cycling in the community, Austin’s Yellow Bike Project will give you all the tools you need to say goodbye to rush hour traffic. You can purchase a bike from them during their retail hours, or if you want to put in the time you can volunteer and earn a free bike!

We Are Blood (Ep. 30) – What’s the quickest and easiest way you can save a life? Donate blood! We Are Blood is one of Austin’s oldest and largest blood banks. Since 1951 We Are Blood has provided blood, plasma, and platelet donations to 39 local medical facilities in Central Texas. Thanks to their amazing fleet of mobile donating centers and three brick-and-mortar locations We Are Blood has been able to keep the residents of Austin happy and healthy. Learn more about how you can help them out here.

IT’S TIME TEXAS (Bonus Ep. 1) –  It’s time we make Texas to get on your feet and get moving! IT’S TIME TEXAS is on a mission to make being healthy accessible and affordable for people of all ages and incomes. The movement offers everything from a free health coach hotline, to a list of all fitness groups in your community, and even advises city governments across the state on city wide fitness programs. Are you ready to get fit?

NAMI Austin (Bonus Ep. 1) – The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is one of the country’s largest mental illness awareness groups. The folks at NAMI believe that mental health is just as important, if not more than, as physical health. Just like physical ailments, mental illnesses can be temporary or long lasting, and should be treated appropriately. NAMI is on a mission to destigmatize mental illness through educating the public, providing resources for people who need a little help, and most importantly letting people affected know that they are not alone. You can learn more about NAMI on their national website.

Kind Clinic (Ep. 36) – Paving the foundation in a new revolution in sexual health, Austin’s very own Kind Clinic provides free HIV treatment in the form of a little pill that can prevent the spread of HIV from partner to partner. The Kind Clinic also provides affordable hormone reassignment therapy for Austin’s transgender population.

Sustainable Food Center (Ep. 40) – Connecting local farmers with Austin, the Sustainable Food Center has been promoting health local eating since 1993. With programs such as their weekly farmers markets, to the Happy Kitchen cooking classes the Sustainable Food Center has been integral in keeping Austin healthy and happy.

[Houma] Running for Cade (Ep. 9) – A mother’s love can change the world. Established by Maegan Richard, the mother of Cade who has a rare genetic condition known as Prader-Willi syndrome. Prader-Willi syndrome inhibits a person’s sense of telling when they are full, creating a constant state of hunger. Running for Cade is an annual 5k race where all proceeds go directly to the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research. You can make a direct donation to the foundation here.

[Houma] Cooper Life Fund (Ep. 11) – A nonprofit founded by our guest Ashley Fontenot. The Cooper Life Fund helps families in need during times of unexpected complications during childbirth. Inspired by the complications with her son Cooper’s birth, the fund provides diapers, wipes, baby formula, and all the essentials needed for a newborn that hospitals will charge extra for during these high stress times. The fund helps families get through the darkest times of childbirth and gives them the light to relieve the unexpected stresses. The Cooper Life Fund also hosts an annual 5k race to raise funding for their cause. You can get involved here.

[Houma] Cajun Rollergirls (Ep. 8) – No city is complete without a roller derby team. The Rollergirls are the team of the Houma/ Thibodaux area of Louisiana. Their team has competed at an national level and promotes a healthy lifestyle and teamwork for all their players. You can become a sponsor here, and you can buy tickets for their next match here!

Community & Youth Services

I Live Here I Give Here (Ep. 39) – The nonprofit’s nonprofit, I Live here I Give here is the Austinite’s resource for all Austin based charities. Their website serves as a directory for every single charity in Austin, linking people to the causes they care about the most. They are also the team behind Austin’s largest day of giving, Amplify Austin which happens every March 1st.

Out Youth (Ep. 17) – Providing a space space for LGBTQ+ youth in Travis county and the five surrounding counties since 1990. Out Youth’s little blue house is home to lesbian, gay, straight, bi, trans, or queer teens looking for a place to gather. Out Youth’s many programs are designed to help teens navigate through the most challenging time of their life, and will always be a home to those who need it most.

One Dollar Dreams (Ep. 18) – Helping the homeless by reminding us that they are human too, it’s too far common in our society to ignore beggars on street corners. Patchi, the man behind One Dollar Dreams, is on a mission to remind us all that we are all human through the stories of the people on the street.

Minis & Friends (Ep. 22) – Prepare yourself for the most adorable charity in all of Austin. Minis & Friends provides therapeutic visits to people in need with miniature horses! Ten years strong Minis & Friends have lift the spirits of thousands of austinites with their many visits to assisted living centers, children’s hospitals, schools, and many more.

#BossBabesATX (Ep. 25) – The real life Wonder Women of Austin, Boss Babes is an events planning nonprofit dedicated to showcasing Austin’s women leaders. Boss Babes does everything from monthly meetups, to their annual Babes Fest, and even produces their own podcasts, Hey Aunt Flo. They were even invited by the White House in 2016 to attend the United State of Women Summit.

The Refuge for DMST (Ep. 29) – The Refuge for DMST is the largest center in the United States for victims of domestic minor sex trafficking. The Refuge’s mission is to provide a safe haven for young girls who have been put through the horrors of sex trafficking. Through the use of therapy and other rehabilitation methods The Refuge is able to give these young girls the love and care they need. You can donate directly here.

Bikers Against Child Abuse (Ep. 36) – Bikers Against Child Abuse, or BACA for short, has been proudly standing up for abuse survivors and empowering children who have been victimized at home. BACA combines the supportive and protective aspects of biker culture with the hearts of gold of social workers.

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates (Ep. 32) – Whether you’re considering adopting, have adopted, or are adopted Adoption Knowledge Affiliates is here to help. AKA provides resources you need to navigate through the adoption process, and offers services for adoptees looking to reunite with their birth parents.

Bike Austin (Bonus Ep. 1) – Bike Austin is Austin’s largest cyclist advocacy group. Bike Austin unites communities of cyclist to make the roads safer, and biking more accessible. Whether you cycle for work or working out, you can thank Bike Austin for making cycling a part of the Austin lifestyle.


Girl Develop It (Ep. 20) – Empowering women through technology, Girl Develop It provides fun and informative classes on all things coding. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your career, in a band wanting to build your own website, or a pro wanting to practice a new language, Girl Develop It will help you be the change you want to see in the world.

Capital IDEA (Bonus Ep. 1) – Breaking the cycle of poverty since 1998, Capital IDEA has been providing free educational grants to Austinites barely making ends meet. Capital IDEA provides all the tools needed to get you an education that will forever change the course of your life. Not only does the nonprofit provide grants and scholarships, but also free child care, and career counseling for graduates. Capital IDEA empowers people to be their own hero.

Government & Politics

Austin Tech Alliance (Ep. 42) – Sitting at the intersection of government and technology is the Austin Tech Alliance. The Austin Tech Alliance is a nonpartisan advocacy group on a mission to engage the Austin tech sector in civic engagement, and provide tech solutions to government systems. From the TechVotes campaign informing the tech community on voter registration to political issues, to the Paper Census program providing paperless solutions to bureaucratic processes, the Austin Tech Alliance is combining technology and politics like Austin has never seen before.

International Aid

WellAware (Ep. 21) – We take clean water for granted here in America and many other first world nations, but sadly not everybody has access to clean water yet, that’s where WellAware comes in. WellAware is on a mission to build clean and sustainable water wells for the villages who need them the most. Their effort has contributed towards driving many villages in Africa out of poverty and have saved the lives of thousands of people.

Finding Sergio (Ep. 38) – In November of 1985 a disaster struck Armero, Colombia when a dormant volcano erupted. In its wake, a devastating mudslide plummeted down the mountainside and destroyed the Colombian town. The aftermath left thousands dead, buildings in ruin, and families separated. After the event, the Colombian government did its best to restore the lost city, and reunite the families torn apart. However, in the past few years it has been discovered that three hundred children who were presumed dead are not, and were allegedly given up for adoption, their records now missing. Finding Sergio is the story of one man’s ongoing mission to reunite the missing children with their long lost parents.

Local Businesses

Mitscoots Outfitters (Ep. 31) – Buy a clothing item, give a clothing item is Mitscoot’s MO. The Austin based company uses their profits to make clothing for the transitioning homeless, not only in the capital city but all over the United States. Mitscoots also employes transitioning homeless to help get them on their feet and build a better life for themselves.

BAM Academy (Ep. 13) – Our motto here at Everyday Superhumans might be “Not every hero has to fly, so grab your cape and let’s go!” and of all our guests the people at the BAM academy are sure the closest to being Superman in real life. Dedicated to teaching parkour and freerunning in a fun and safe environment, Matthew Willis’ classes at the BAM Academy will have you leaping, vaulting, and flipping around the city like you’re some sort of urban ninja! You might not be able to fly like Superman, but who wants to fly when you can move like a ninja?

[Houma] Crossfit Houma (Ep. 4) – Let’s get fit, crossfit! Crossfit Houma is the first official Crossfit affiliate in Louisiana and lead by one of our most enthusiastic guests: Brian Ellender. Their mission is to bring a healthy lifestyle to people of all ages.

[Houma] Twisted Fitness (Ep. 11) – A new spin on Yoga. Cofounded by Ashley Fontenot, Twisted Fitness is dedicated to providing fitness classes to people of all levels. Ranging from yoga to spin classes Twisted Fitness aims to help you to get into shape. If you are in the Houma, LA region and are looking for a new gym, then look no further.

[Houma] Chez Cake Bakery (Ep. 7) – A small town bakery bringing huge smiles on the faces of all it’s customers. Established by lifetime baker Sarah Foret, the bakery has plenty of delicious treats you can order for your next party.

[Houma] Which Craft? (Ep. 3) – The bar that changed everything for the small town of Houma, Louisiana. Donny, the bar’s founder, brought about a craft beer revolution in his hometown by opening the first and only craft beer bar in Houma. The best way to contribute to the bar’s growth is go check it out yourself, you will not be disappointed!