The Future of Everyday Superhumans

You might be wondering why Everyday Superhumans hasn’t updated since May. Well it’s time that you all get an explanation. Charlie and I had a long chat about the future of the podcast and have decided to put it in an indefinite hiatus. Between the two of us we’ve gotten so busy in our day to day lives that we haven’t had a chance to work on the show. Outside of our work and social lives, Charlie is actively involved in several organizations and is attending an intense coding bootcamp until December. Meanwhile I am busy working with the City of Austin on a project I am very involved with, and working on a new podcast, I can’t say much about the podcast just yet but I’ll let you know it’s an audio drama. Sadly there are so many hours in a day that we decided to call a long break on Everyday Superhumans.

We would like to thank the following for making this podcast possible.

  • Anna Hanstrom – Without her we would have never been able to extend our reach from podcasting to written content like the Superscripts and the Newsletter. In just her short time with the show we were able to grow so much. We wish the best for her and her future podcasting adventures!
  • Joel Coffman – Who provided excellent camera work for our videos in featuring the Sustainable Food Center and We Are Blood.
  • Jennifer Sneary – Who provided the editing work for our video series. You can find more of her wonderful work here.
  • Lisa Apfelberg – Who is an overall wonderful person and served as an excelt advisor to the podcast.
  • Adam Dodson – Who was a life saver and took up the reigns of graphic design from me and saved myself from the countless headaches it caused. Thanks man! You can check out his amazing work here.
  • Austin Monthly – Who was wonderful to honor us with the Best Podcast of ATX 2017 award.
  • And of course our guests and listeners for supporting us all along the way. We literally couldn’t have done it without you.

But I won’t leave you empty handed. Below is a list of excellent resources to support you in your superhuman mission.

  • GivingCity Austin – A local online publication covering the news of all things nonprofit here in Austin, TX.
  • The Plural of You – A podcast of similar scope to ours, but covers people all across the world working on interesting and challenging problems that need fixing.
  • The 80,000 Hour Podcast – A personal favorite of mine. The show is all about how you can use your career to make the world a better place in the most effective way possible. Every episode covers a pressing issue in the world that needs fixing and how you can fix it.
  • Place Makers – A podcast miniseries by Slate covering communities across the US and the people who make them special.
  • I Live Here I GIve Here – An Austinite’s go-to resource for every ATX based charity.

Thank you so much to the people of Austin and Houma. Keep on being awesome 🙂

And remember, not every hero has to fly. So grab your cape and let’s go!

Kyle Smith