Episode 43 – The Austin Film Fest: Over Twenty-Five Years of Storytelling with Barbara Morgan

Austin Film Festival furthers the art and craft of film by inspiring and championing the work of all artists who use the language of film and television to tell a story. AFF is best known for its annual October Austin Film Festival and Conference (Oct. 25 – Nov 1, 2018). The Conference was the first event of its kind, bringing professional and amateur screenwriters together to celebrate the role of screenplays in filmmaking and host conversations focusing on craft and on particular films and television series. Over 25 years, the nonprofit has evolved to podcasts, digital libraries, youth programs and much more with the same talented leader at its helm.

In this episode, Kyle and Charlie chat with Barbara Morgan, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Austin Film Festival. The trio chat about the uniqueness of the Austin Film Festival Competition and Conference, the history of Austin filmmaking and how the nonprofit is creating future filmmakers within the younger generation.

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