Welcome to Superscripts, a bi-weekly summary column of past episodes of Everyday Superhumans. Each entry will cover the highlights of each episode and transcribe them into bite sized bits of superhuman inspiration for you to have on hand.A nonprofit that makes affordable and accessible spay/neuter care a reality.

Providing low cost spay and neutering throughout Texas, and Philadelphia, Emancipet has taken the financial stress out of veterinary care. Thanks to their efforts Emancipet has given pets and pet owners a peace of mind, and increased the overall well being of cats and dogs everywhere.

We talk to Ian Hallett, the Vice President of Emancipet’s Central Texas branches.

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What is Emancipet’s mission?
Beginning in 1999 with just a mobile unit only doing spay and neuter, Emancipet was beginning to place the emphasis on lowering the intake into city shelters. Eventually that emphasis evolved into a more general mission of accessible and affordable veterinary care in the areas of Austin, Killeen, Houston, Pflugerville, and Philadelphia.

How did Emancipet expand past only doing spay and neuter care into more general veterinary care?
In areas such as east Austin in the early 2000s, veterinary clinics were hard to come by and not the most affordable, so when Emancipet started bringing their clinics to that part of Austin in food truck size vehicles, people were incredibly eager to take advantage of their services. However, due to the fact that pets need to have yearly shots, people began to return to the Emancipet clinics asking for updated vaccinations. Thus, this lead to an entirely new section of veterinary work that the organization expanded into.

Are the veterinary surgeons full time?
Yes! They complete somewhere between 15-30 spay/neuter surgeries a day, 4 days a week, with only a 1% major complications rate. There are about 17 full time veterinarians working with Emancipet and all of them have been trained on how to perform spay/neuter surgeries.

What is the pricing of Emancipet?
At most clinics, they charge differently for each species – one of the most expensive spay surgeries being for large dogs at around $500. At Emancipet, ALL spay/neuter procedures are $69, even with unexpected complications.

After Hurricane Harvey was there a lot of intake in Houston shelters?
There was a huge need for services down there, and fortunately, Emancipet was able to garner enough funds to offer free spay and neuter services along with general veterinary care and minor emergency care.