Episode 34 – Meningitis, Vaccine Education, and the Paralympics: The Story of the J.A.M.I.E. Group

College is never easy. You’re on your own for the first time, classes are tough and demanding, and you gotta deal with dorm food on top of it all. For Jamie Schanbaum college was made even more difficult. During her freshman year Jamie was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis, a deadly flesh-eating bacteria that can kill a person in twenty-four hours. Despite this Jamie was able to fight the disease, but not without some major losses. Since she overcame the infection Jamie Schanbaum has been a major advocate for vaccines and started the JAMIE (Joint Advocacy of Meningococcal Information & Education) Group to educate the public.

In this episode of Everyday Superhumans Kyle & Charlie chat with Jamie Schanbaum about being a survivor, Jamie’s time at the Paralympics, vaccines and how Jamie turned her experience into the JAMIE Group.

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