Episode 30 – We Are Blood

Founded in 1951, We Are Blood has been providing blood donations to hospitals in Central Texas, and savings thousands of lives each year in the process. We Are Blood is most notably known for their mobile donation center program, which brings the blood donation center right to your door. The mobile donation center along with We Are Blood’s three brick-and-mortar locations, ensure the bank can get all the blood needed to cover all of Central Texas.

In this episode Charlie and Kyle chat with We Are Blood’s director of business development, Justine Garza, and their director of community engagement, Shaina Novotny. Justine and Shaina talk about We Are Blood’s mission to provide enough blood to sustain the local hospitals, the differences between blood types, and how you can save a person’s life in just fifteen minutes.

Some words you can impress your friends with featured this episode:

Phlebotomist –  A person who makes an incision into the vein with a needle (pronounced “flow-bot-a-mist”)

Apheresis Donation – The donation of your blood’s plasma (pronounced “a-fara-sis”)

Leukocytes / Leukocytes – The white blood cells (pronounced “luke-o-sites”)

Anticoagulant – Blood thinners, used to prevent clotting (pronounced “anti-co-ag-u-lant”)

Cryoprecipitate – Frozen product formed from plasma that contains mostly blood clotting agents (pronounced “cryo-per-sip-i-tit”)

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