Episode 23 – The HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Inspiring artists all across the city, the HOPE Campaign is one of the largest on-going creative projects in Austin. The most ambitious and most notable project of the HOPE Campaign is the HOPE Outdoor Gallery (aka Austin Graffiti Park, or Castle Hill). The HOPE Outdoor Gallery provides street artists with a 100% legal area to spray their next masterpiece. The park also provides an instant audience for their works as well. From famous local artists such as the Eye Doctor and pasetoo, to young upcoming artists, the graffiti park is an ongoing ever changing art gallery of some of best artists Austin has to offer.

Join Kyle & Charlie this episode with one of artists behind the Outdoor Gallery: Miles Starkey (@miles_starkey). Miles shares the origins of the HOPE campaign and the evolution of the gallery, as well as his own story of getting into street art. Kyle goes all super fanboy as the three discuss their favorite Austin street artists, and Miles talks about his kick-ass award winning grilled cheese!

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