Episode 21 – Well Aware of WellAware

Are you well aware of WellAware? Well you should be! Bad puns aside, WellAware is one nonprofit you should keep on your radar. Since 2010 WellAware has been providing clean drinking water to those in need in Africa. Their efforts don’t stop at just digging a well for the villages, they insure the well is self sustaining and provides economic growth within the village. With clean water comes a happier and healthier society, which boost school attendance and paves way to gender equality.

To kick off season 3, Kyle & Charlie chat with their first international nonprofit (based out of Austin!). Together they talk with Sarah Evans (@sarahaware) about how WellAware is changing the lives of thousands of people thousands of miles away, how providing clean water is booming the economies within their village, and how by not showering you can change the world! Oh, and also we announce our new Patreon Page!

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