Episode 16 – Austin Pets Alive! Guardian Angels

Austin Pets Alive! are the heroes Austin deserves. Beginning as a humble awareness group in the late 90s, with the simple mission of stopping shelters in Austin from euthanizing animals, since then they have established Austin, TX as the number one no-kill city in the nation. No-kill cities are cities with a 10% or less euthanasia rate in every animal shelter within the city limits.

Since, 2008, Austin Pets Alive! has expanded into a full fledged animal shelter. Austin Pets Alive! accepts every dog or cat, no matter their breed with open arms. They provide full medical treatment for their animals, work alongside the RuffTail Runners (Episode 14) to ensure every dog gets proper exercise, and provide a safe space for feral cats. Plus many many more programs.

This episode Kyle and Charlie chat with Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Austin Pet’s Alive!’s executive director. Together they talk about how her and her team of volunteers have managed to save so many animals lives, how Austin Pets Alive!’s practices are influencing other shelters across the US, and how you can become a hero to a dog or cat’s life. Oh, and of course, what her superhero name would be!

Stay tuned to the end of the episode too for Austin Pets Alive!’s featured Super Sidekicks: Sammi and Debra, as they share their stories on how volunteering at Austin Pets Alive! has changed their lives.

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