Episode 14 – The Tale of the RuffTail Runners

The dogs of Austin have it good. If you’ve ever been to Austin you’re probably very familiar with all the dogs and dog owners out and about. Tons of businesses are dog friendly, from coffee shops to the famous Yard Bar. But not all dogs in Austin have it that good, especially those in the shelter, that is until the RuffTail Runners came to town.

The RuffTail Runners (or RTR for short) are a nonprofit based out of Austin, their mission is simple: to get every shelter dog outside! Every day volunteers at RTR hit the trails with their furry companion for a brisk walk or a nice jog around the lake. Their efforts keep the dogs happy through exercise and socializing with other dogs and people alike.  This week Kyle and Charlie at with two of the folks behind the RuffTail Runners, Anna and Zack, about their superhuman squad of runners and dogs helping each other live a healthier and happier life!

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