Episode 11 – A Little Help From Her Friends with Ashley Fontenot

Ashley Fontenot is superhuman in every sense of the word, she’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, fitness enthusiast, and a mother of three! How she sleeps is a mystery to all of us, but how she’s managed to get everything done isn’t at all. In this episode Kyle and Caroline sit down with superhuman Ashley to discuss her secret to accomplishing such ambitious efforts, and how she would have never been able to accomplishment without a little help from her friends.

As cheesy as it sounds, the power of friendship can bring you further than you can go on your own. A rock band would be nothing with just one person, many companies would never have started if it wasn’t for a group of dedicated friends, hell even this podcast wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for two friends. Ashley shares how her and her friends have been able to do so many things, how their business helps people get into fitness, why she founded a non-profit, and Kyle and Caroline have a very special announcement for all you superhuman fans out there!

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In a giving mood, or just looking for more excuses to run? Check out the Cooper Life Fund here.

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