Episode 10 – The Gator Man of South Louisiana

South Louisiana is a land of swaps and marshes and a native home to one of nature’s most deadliest creatures: alligators. Meet Tim Domangue, owner of Greenwood Gator Farm, and who we like to call The Gator Man of South Louisiana. Tim’s job isn’t like most others, on a daily basis he faces the hundreds of hungry gators on his farm and opens up his doors for guest and tourist to see his art of raising gators.

They chat with Tim about the life of a gator farmer, how his local fame got him involved with History’s Swap People, and how – if you’re a man over fifty – gator fat can make you go boing!

In this very special episode of Everyday Superhumans, Caroline & Kyle dig into the archives of the show to give you the second interview they recorded (even before the show had a name!)

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