Episode 8 – Rollin’ with Alpha Bitch of the Cajun Rollergirls

Alpha Bitch is a name worth having, especially if you’re a part of the Cajun Rollergirls.  In roller derby the Alpha is the leader of the pack, makes sure everybody has their head in the game, and the one to take her team to victory and beyond. She needs to be strong, focused, and full of passion.

Caroline and Kyle sit down with Denise, aka Alpha Bitch, today to chat with her about the world of roller derby. Roller derby is more than just roller skating around a rink, it’s a sport of teamwork, physical and mental tenacity, and quick thinking. In this episode we discuss what exactly roller derby is (Kyle guesses it wrong immediately), how roller derby can make you feel more empowered and confident (both in and off the rink), and Caroline’s brief experience with the sport.

Shout outs to the Travel Oddities Podcast, and Passer’s By Podcast!

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