Episode 7 – From Dough to Dollars with Sarah Foret of Chez Cake Bakery

Chez Cake owner SarahMany of us want to turn our hobbies into a full time job, and many of us succeed, as long as we put in the hard work. Sarah Foret has done just that. As a life long baker full of energy and grit she took the risk of quitting her full time job to make her passion a reality. Despite taking the huge risk of setting up shop during the recession, and the warnings from friends and family, she found success within her passion of baking, three times over!

Kyle and Caroline sit down with Sarah at Chez Cake Bakery (pronounced “chey”) and chat about how grit can turn your passion into a full time job, the subtleties behind the business, and how paperwork sucks no matter how much success you get. It’s our sweetest episode yet!

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