Episode 6 – The Heritage Fighters of Louisiana

Louisiana is home to more than Tabasco, The Saints, and Bourbon Street, it’s also home to one of the unique musical styles in the world: Cajun music. Cajun music is as diverse and unique as the food, and it’s in danger. In the region known as Cajun Country, the area between Lafayette and New Orleans, there has been a surprising drop in the age old tradition of jamming out on your porch with your friends and family with your fiddle and accordion without a care in the world. Enter The Cajun Music Preservation Society.

Kyle & Caroline sit down with Misty & Tysman of the award winning Cajun Music Preservation Society in this very special musical episode. They discuss the history and tradition of Cajun music jams, the differences between Cajun and Creole cuisine, and the hidden influence of the Cajun porch jams across the world!

The Cajun Music Preservation Society

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