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About Everyday Superhumans

Winner of Austin Monthly’s Best Podcast of ATX Award

Join Kyle and Charlie on their mission to reveal the extraordinary people living among us. These heroic individuals use their natural powers to make their community a better place. Every day they go unnoticed and it’s time for others to know of their accomplishments. Everyday Superhumans focuses on Austin based nonprofits and their leaders who are making an impact in today’s society. Tune in every other Tuesday for more inspiration on how you too can save the world!



About the Hosts

Charlie H. – Charlie graduated in film with the intent of being a behind the camera dude. After conquering his fear of handling a microphone, Charlie dived into the podcast mania.

Charlie has a love for animals, especially his Australian Cattle Dog, Nugget. When he isn’t exploring a new trail, you can find him scouting out new restaurants and coffeeshops around town.

Kyle S. – A long time podcast addict whose addiction began over six years ago when he discovered the gateway podcast: Stuff You Should Know. Ever since then Kyle’s podcast queue has grown with more hours of content than there is in a day with shows like Welcome to Night Vale, Hello Internet, Cortex, Freakonmics, My Brother My Brother and Me, and many many more.

Kyle is an engineer by profession, and a podcast producer by night.

He also is a subscriber of the effective altruism movement, a new moment in charity donations with the focus of selecting the best charities to contribute to based on their effectiveness per dollar donated.




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